Summer Green Energy Learning LAB: (Grade 7-10, material included):

  • Learn how electricity works and how to harness it's power.
  • Explore alternative sources of energy throght activities:

                1) Solar cells

                2) Wind turbinges

               3) Hydrogen fuel cells.

  • Build and operate a lab scale Fuel Cell Car.

Summer camp program, 2019

  • Session 1 (art camp): June 24th - June 28th- closed
  • Session 2 (art camp): July 8th - July 12th- closed
  • Session 3 (green energy learning lab): July 29th - August 2nd - open

  • Full day art camp: 8:30am - 5:30pm ($285, before child care and after child care included)

                  8:30am, drop off, 8:30 - 9am, before childcare

                  9am - 12noon: drawing, painting class

                 12noon - 1pm. lunch (bring your own lunch and snack daily)
                 1pm - 4pm: illustration and clay modeling class
                 4pm - 5:30pm after childcare

                 5:30pm: pick up

  • Half day art camp:

                 Morning: 9am-12noon ($160)

                 Afternoon: 1-4pm ($160)

  • Half day Green Energy Learning LAB: 9am-12noon ($189, lab fee included)

The camp you can choose: whole day, half day, one week, or two weeks.

  • $25 registration fee.
  • Registration fee will be waived if camp fee paid in full by May 5t

Clay Modeling (Grade K-12, material included):
Students will make three dimensional clay models of their favorite movie characters, flowers, animals, small decorative objects using air dry clay.

Students will also use a digital modeling iPad application to create their own digital figure.

Illustration(Grade K-12, material included):

Illustration is a unique art form that is defined not by its context. Illustration brings life to concepts through image making. This class will introduce the storytelling through art. Students will create a storybook.

Drawing & painting (Grade K-12, material included):

Students will learn basic foundational skills.  The class will focus on nurturing creativity while developing motor coordination and visual perception. They will enhance and refine basic drawing and painting techniques involving color, perspective, and shading. Materials may include: pencil, charcoal, colored pencil, pastel, watercolor pencil, acrylic, mixed medium, etc.

JC Visual Arts School